Notes of Gooseberry and Passion Fruit

We had a nice wine with dinner tonight. It wasn’t objectively special — just a new Sauvignon Blanc on sale at the store. But it tasted great to everyone, surprising those of us whose idea of a good flavor usually results in the others squinting their eyes and screwing up their mouths in disgust.

Wairau Cove Sauvignon Blanc
How would you describe this wine?
That, of course, led to a discussion of how the wine tasted and how to best describe it.”I can’t believe you like a sour wine,” she mused.”It isn’t sour at all!” I cried.

“Well, maybe a bit sour,” he conceded, “but it’s very fruity.”

“Fruity?!” she exclaimed. “It isn’t sweet!”

“Ah, but fruity doesn’t have to mean sweet,” I pointed out as I glanced at the label. “I’d say this wine has notes of gooseberry and passion fruit.”