Spontaneous pizza

This afternoon, we took a break from our work to go for a walk into town. One of our stops was at the grocery store, where my husband (who has a looming deadline) suggested we get a pizza for dinner. Now, our local grocery is wonderfully convenient, but its pizza is only good for dire time-and-energy shortages. I had both time and energy for a bit of cooking, so I vetoed the store-bought pizza and went for some mozzarella cheese and sliced chorizo instead.

After finishing my work, I started the dough (a recipe my brother gave me), chopped some onion and garlic, and set some canned tomatoes to simmer on the hob. Pizza sauce is really rather simple, as long as you’re patient — alliums, tomatoes, herbs. I blitzed it with an immersion blender to get it smooth at the end and that was it. Pat out the dough; add sauce, chorizo, cheese; pop onto the pizza stone for 15-20 minutes. All I added to that was a quick salad and we had a much tastier dinner than we had anticipated while standing in the aisle in front of the pizzas at the store!