Creating things

My brother and sister-in-law gave me a 3D pen for Christmas. While preparing to watch this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, I thought of the perfect thing to create with it:

A TARDIS! It’s the perfect size for my Doctor and Cyberman (which I picked up at the Doctor Who Experience a couple years ago in Cardiff). I didn’t have enough blue plastic to make all the walls solid, but I’m pleased with my first creation. Who knew 3D doodling could be so fun?

Discovering flowers in the winter

Every morning, I step out into our garden for at least a moment. On a practical level, I do it to toss the previous day’s coffee grounds into the garden bed before making coffee. But I also like to take a few seconds to smell the sea and feel the fresh air on my face.

Today, the air felt particularly soft and mild. I wasn’t in a hurry for my coffee, so instead of ducking back inside I decided to take a walk around the garden. I padded across the stone patio and around the corner to the side of the house. There, I discovered these newly blooming rhododendrons:

Connecting with family

I am so immensely grateful for the technology that allows me to stay connected with my family.

On Friday night, I celebrated my brother’s birthday by chatting with him on Viber while we played a computer game together. (Conveniently, the game is designed so that only one person is supposed to see the screen.) He also turned on video for a bit to show me around the home that he and his wife recently bought.

Tonight, after dinner, I hopped on Google Hangouts to chat with my parents. We shared stories about the past week and I got a glimpse of their first snowfall of the winter. We also laughed and collectively shook our fists at some recent clues in the New York Times Crossword, which we all do almost daily.

It’s so incredible that I can live thousands of miles from my family and still share these moments with them on a regular basis.