A brand new craft project

I just started a new embroidery project:

I’m super excited about the black fabric! And I’m finding that embroidery kits are the most relaxing craft for lockdown, because they require basically zero decision-making. The pattern, all the supplies, the stitches … it’s all there for me, ready to go.

And if you remember my previous posts about embroidery and are wondering what happened to that project, I actually finished! I’m fairly pleased with the result, given it was my first embroidery attempt:

Living room dance parties

I have been hearing about Ryan Heffington’s Instagram Live dance classes since the lockdown began in the US, but today was the first day I tried one. Lots of fun! I always enjoy living room dance parties — this was a fun way to do it alone (self isolating! no self consciousness!) but also with thousands of other people.

My first Christmas tree 🎄

Well, not my first … but my first, as in the first Christmas tree I have put up in my own home.

Sitting in a dark room with a twinkling tree might be my favorite Christmas mood. But I find I also enjoy sitting at the piano, playing Christmas music next to the tree with all its lights and decorations:

A spa day

For our anniversary, my husband organized a spa day, complete with saunas, full body massages, and sitting around drinking tea and coffee in big fluffy bathrobes. The fact that the weather had turned a bit chilly and cloudy just made it feel that much more cozy inside. 😍


I find the simple action of putting one foot in front of the other, and the rhythm of that action, incredibly therapeutic. It wakes me up, unscrambles my sleep-fogged head. But it also gives me a sense of immersion, of being rooted somewhere, makes me feel part of where I am, a sensory and physical connection to the bit of the world I find myself in.

Kate Humble, Thinking on my Feet

Allowing for mistakes

This is my first time really doing this kind of embroidery, so I’m learning as I go. When I started working on this butterfly, I stuck with the instructions and the pattern and tried to fill in some of the thicker lines. It looks … kind of clumsy. When I did the right side, it wasn’t perfect but I took what I’d learned, mixed it with my own sense of what would work, and came out with a result I’m much more pleased with.

Making mistakes is undoubtedly part of the learning process. But I’m also a perfectionist. As my career coach has helped me see, I’m often reluctant to take something on — even something I’m capable of — if I’m not sure I can execute it well. But that’s not always possible. And you can’t always redo your first attempt. So in an effort to practice accepting my mistakes, I’m going to let that butterfly stay just as it is. It’s a bit of my history, evidence of the work I’ve put in to get where I am.