Studying another language

I have been trying to build Farsi (Persian) study into my daily routine again. It’s hard to make it a habit but it’s so fulfilling when I actually sit down and do it.

I’m back to using Teach Yourself Modern Persian, one of the first books I tried learning with. Although I think other resources are probably objectively better, I find that the lessons provide a bite-sized amount of information to encourage a daily habit. And the book serves as a physical reminder to study.

The downside is that I don’t trust all the grammatical details. My husband disputes some of the book’s examples, and aside from that I have found internal inconsistencies. In one case, I found the book using two different prepositions for the same context and decided to make a note so I can investigate later:

You may have noticed the backwards “OR” between those Farsi sentences. No, that was not on purpose. When I first learned to write, I taught myself … backwards. I wasn’t paying attention here and my brain just decided to stick with right to left, I guess. Hah!