A sunny morning walk

A friend recently suggested that we try doing long-distance walks together. And by “long-distance walks” I don’t mean long walks; I mean that we’re both taking walks but at a distance from one another. We live in different countries, but we both enjoy taking walks and want to do it more often. (And of course it’s always easier to be active with a friend to motivate you!)

So we decided to encourage each other by having a phone call while we walk. To make it a little more interesting, we also decided to listen to an audiobook together while we do it. That way, we’re enjoying a book and we can chat about it as we go.

So several morning a week I’ve been hopping on the phone, cuing up my audiobook, and walking around town. I have been doing it rain or shine, but I’ll admit that it’s more enjoyable when the sun is out. ☀️

Tiny spots of color

I planted a mix of annual flowers in my garden this spring, in hopes of adding a dash of extra color and fun. They were seeds and I wasn’t sure what to expect or how many would make it. So when these spots of color started popping out this week I got pretty excited! Of course, plenty of weeds are also popping up, so I’ll be busy for a while getting things under control.

A day at the garden

This is the most beautiful February I’ve had in a climate that actually has seasons. I have been taking walks, working in the garden, and generally escaping outside as often as I can. This afternoon we took a trip to Bodnant Garden and had a beautiful visit. Most of my photos are still on my camera, but I grabbed this picture of some of the many snowdrops sprinkled throughout the grounds — the only kind of snow we’re likely to for the rest of this “winter”!

Stopping to watch the birds

During a walk last weekend, I stopped after noticing a flock of little birds looking for food near the edge of the water. It was calming to take a few minutes to just stand and watch them.

Today, I spotted another flock in a different place on the water’s edge. The tide was going out — much more quickly than I’d expected — and I captured it in this time lapse video. Apologies for the shakiness; it was hard to stay steady with the gusts of wind.