A moment of color

I turned a corner and saw these flowers blooming right next to an old tower on the town walls. I paused to appreciate the color and noticed the tower window behind them. I wonder how long ago it was covered over with that stone …

Bright winter flowers

I enjoy spotting the flowers that are coming out now – I think of February as solidly winter, but it’s so mild here that a number of flowers are showing up. I saw these bright things next to the sidewalk in town:

Interestingly, my husband didn’t notice them until I pointed them out. He is red/green colorblind and the green of the plant is just right for the fuschia petals to blend right in for him.

A morning walk

I love walks but for some reason I have trouble making time for them during the week. Winter is especially hard — I most enjoy walking when the sun is up, and days are still short here this time of year. I tend to feel guilty about being away from my work in the middle of the day to go walking.

But that’s silly, because I have a flexible schedule and I shouldn’t feel guilty about adjusting my work to fit a healthy schedule. So today, after breakfast, I took off for a nice stroll through town and down to the river. It gave me energy that has lasted through the afternoon, and hopefully I can make it a habit.