Savoring the anticipation

My parents mailed us a few Christmas gifts, and due to our travel and customs limbo they just arrived. Tucked in with those gifts was this little birthday package:

I am dutifully not opening it until the specified date. 😊

Small, thoughtful gifts

My parents shipped a few small gifts that didn’t arrive in time for Christmas. Today was our first opportunity to pick up the package from the post office. When we opened it, I found two small gifts for me:

I squealed at the TARDIS notebook, and teared up a bit when I learned that the earrings were made in the same part of Guatemala where I volunteered a couple times in college. Both gifts are meaningful to me and support the artisans who made them — along with being a nice surprise that made me think of my parents today.

Beautiful surprises

I didn’t get around to buying a Christmas tree — I kept putting it off, not sure what to get, so it never happened. Today, my husband (who didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas and doesn’t have any traditions of his own) decided to surprise me with a beautiful Christmas bouquet:

It’s perfect for adding a little holiday greenery to our home, and getting flowers at random times is always a nice surprise. 🙂