A moment of color

I turned a corner and saw these flowers blooming right next to an old tower on the town walls. I paused to appreciate the color and noticed the tower window behind them. I wonder how long ago it was covered over with that stone …

A morning walk

I love walks but for some reason I have trouble making time for them during the week. Winter is especially hard — I most enjoy walking when the sun is up, and days are still short here this time of year. I tend to feel guilty about being away from my work in the middle of the day to go walking.

But that’s silly, because I have a flexible schedule and I shouldn’t feel guilty about adjusting my work to fit a healthy schedule. So today, after breakfast, I took off for a nice stroll through town and down to the river. It gave me energy that has lasted through the afternoon, and hopefully I can make it a habit.

A good long walk

A week away from home, especially in a beatiful place like Whistler, meant that I could find an excuse walk every day. It’s satisfying to see these consistently high step counts:

If you look closely, you’ll note that my daily goal is only 5K steps. I should probably raise that, but on a normal work day I find that a lower goal is more motivating (and realistic). I wonder if I can keep up my meetup walking habits now that I’m home …

Sun in Winter

It’s incredible what a beautiful day in December can do. We are getting near the darkest day of the year, and after days of rain and a weekend with howling wind I woke up today to sunshine. Not only that, it was unseasonably warm. So I happily filled my to do list with errands around town and went out twice to walk around in the warm sun. It was refreshing, physically and mentally.

P.S. I meant to take a photo while I was out today but I forgot, so this photo is from a similarly pleasant winter day last year.